Meet Our Team


Carlos – Service Technician

Carlos has been in the HVAC Industry for 5 years and also has an extensive background in plumbing. He takes great pride in his work and his favorite part of the job is proving the best in-home comfort to our customers!

Interesting facts about Carlos:

  • Aries (March 30th)
  • Recently married!
  • Has two dogs, both pit bulls
  • Favorite sports teams are the LA Rams and LA Lakers
  • Surf & Turf is his go-to menu item
  • Loves vacationing with his family in La Jolla, CA
  • Marine Corps Veteran

Tommy – Service Technician

Tommy has over 20 years of hands-on experience in our constantly evolving industry. His knowledge and leadership help guide our technicians into providing great customer service and the most cost-effective solutions possible. His favorite part of the job is meeting new people and interacting with customers

Interesting facts about Tommy:

  • Virgo (August 27th)
  • From Orange, California
  • Has one dog, a yellow lab
  • Enjoys restoring cars in his free time
  • He couldn’t live without family
  • Favorite vacation spot is any large body of water
  • Loves cooking and playing the piano!

Jay – Service Technician

Jay graduated from CITC six years ago and credits his extensive knowledge to his years of hands-on experience. His favorite part of the job is interacting with customers and finding solutions for their home comfort concerns.

Interesting facts about Jay:

  • Capricorn (January 17th)
  • Born in Memphis, TN
  • Newly married!
  • Has three children
  • Couldn’t live without his family
  • Favorite vacation spot is anywhere warm with great food!
  • Enjoys watching football & basketball in his free time

Jon – Service Technician

Jon graduated from GRCC M-TEC and has been working in the HVAC industry for over 3 years. His favorite part of the job is providing in-home comfort and the gratitude from our customers when he’s found the most cost-effective solution.

Interesting facts about Jon:

  • Pisces (March 19th)
  • Born in Grand Rapids, MI
  • Happily married with two kiddos!
  • Fan of the Detroit Tigers, Lions, and Red Wings
  • Loves riding bicycles in his free time
  • Favorite vacation spot is Ann Arbor, MI
  • Surprising Face: Can ride a unicycle!

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