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4 Issues You Can Have With A Ductless System

4 Issues You Can Have With A Ductless SystemIf you have a ductless system as a part of your HVAC package, you likely already know about how beneficial they are. A ductless system is often more efficient and effective, and it can keep your home comfortable in no time.

However, a ductless system is not immune to repair from time to time. While the system is systematically better than a traditional ducted system, things can happen. A ductless system has its own unique needs with repairs. The following are some potential issues you may have with a ductless system.

Water Can Leak Behind The Wall-Mounted Air Handler

A ductless system has a wall-mounted air handler. The air handler connects through a hole in the wall behind it. The system includes several lines, including a refrigerant line, a power line, and a condensate line. A condensate line works to help remove the water away from your home through the cooling process.

Over time, the condensate line can begin to leak. When leaks happen, the water collects behind the air handler and into the wall. If you do not notice this problem for a long time, you may begin to notice water damage to the walls in your home. Not only will the wall suffer water damage, but the wall-mounted air handler can actually fall off the wall.

You then have two problems that need repair: a wall and your wall-mounted air handler if it hits a hard surface and suffers damage. If you notice any sign of water damage on your wall, be sure to call your HVAC technician for a repair.

The Air Handler Can Break

The air handler itself can malfunction at some point. Malfunctions can happen for a number of reasons, from mechanical issues to an electrical failure. Fortunately, you will not notice a major shift in the comfort level of your home. The air handler will continue to work thanks to the ductless system. However, the air handler will need a repair to keep your HVAC running optimally.

The Refrigerant Can Leak

Any HVAC system has the propensity to eventually leak refrigerant, and a ductless system is no stranger to leaks. A ductless system has more lines of refrigerant running through it. If you notice the air conditioner does not cool as it should, chances are you may have a leak in one of your refrigerant lines.

If you suspect you have a refrigerant leak, you need to call for a repair right away. Not only will your home become less comfortable, but the lack of proper levels of refrigerant in the lines will cause the system to break down. Refrigerant is also toxic to your family, pets, and the environment. You do not want refrigerant to pool anywhere in or near your home.

Signs of a refrigerant leak include noticeable leaking from your system, a hissing noise, or a lack of cool air in your home. If you notice any of these issues, you should check the system right away.

The Compressor Can Malfunction

Just like a traditional HVAC system, a ductless system has a compressor. The compressor is in the outdoor unit with the condenser fan. The compressor works to pressurize the system’s refrigerant to create the cold air. The compressor is vitally important to a ductless system due to the several lines of refrigerant the system requires to cool the home.

If the compressor does not work, you will notice room-temperature or warm air in your home. If you suspect you have a problem with your compressor, be sure to check it with a professional HVAC technician.

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