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AC Not Working? 3 Steps to Take Before Calling for HVAC Repair

AC Not Working? 3 Steps to Take Before Calling for HVAC RepairNobody ever wants their AC system to stop working – especially during the summer. But if yours has gone down, you don’t necessarily need to call a repair person right away.

Here are three steps you can take before calling for an HVAC repair.

1. Make Sure There are No Issues with Your Thermostat

Modern thermostats are pretty complicated. It’s entirely possible that something is off with yours and that’s what’s causing the HVAC issues that you’re experiencing.

For example, you might try:

  • Verifying that all settings are correct, including auto, cool, and temperature
  • Swapping out the batteries on your thermostat
  • Taking off the front panel and cleaning it with a small brush to remove any dirt or debris that could be impacting performance

2. Check for Potential Electrical Problems

It’s also possible that the HVAC problem that you think you’re experiencing is actually an electrical one. For example, there could be a power outage in your area. Or maybe the breaker for your HVAC unit has tripped and you simply need to reset it.

Some HVAC systems also have on/off switches either near the indoor unit or outdoor compressor. If yours has these, make sure that they’re switched on so that your system can get the power it needs to function.

3. Look at Your HVAC System

Finally, it’s worth taking a quick look at your HVAC system yourself to see if the problem is simple enough for you to solve at home before calling out a repair person.

For example, you might find that your air filters are dirty and that you just need to replace or clean them. Or maybe there are air vents in your home that are closed or blocked when they shouldn’t be and that’s what’s making a room too hot or cold.

If you’re fairly handy, then you could also take a look at your system’s condensate drain line and drain pan to make sure that it’s not clogged or leaking.

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