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10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an HVAC Technician

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring an HVAC TechnicianA new heating and cooling system is a big investment. While researching the equipment, be sure to keep in mind how important the installation is as well. An experienced HVAC technician can help you correctly size and select the system that will work best for your home, and ensure that it is installed properly.

The best HVAC systems cannot overcome a poor installation. Here are 10  important questions to ask and steps to take when choosing an HVAC installer:

1. Are they licensed and insured?

Any contractor you hire to work in or around your home should be licensed and insured, and most states require HVAC technicians to be licensed. Insurance protects the homeowner if something should go wrong. Verify that whoever you hire has both worker’s compensation and liability insurance.

2. Are they NATE certified?

North American Technical Excellence (NATE) certification requires passing rigorous exams covering HVAC equipment and services, as well as continuing education every two years to maintain certification. This ensures that the technician you hire has sufficient knowledge in the field and is up-to-date on industry innovations, technology, and practices.

3. How much industry experience do they have?

Technicians with lots of experience have likely encountered many situations and problems that had to be solved, and therefore bring all that hands-on knowledge to your job.

4. Which brands do they carry?

Choose a technician who has experience in the brand you wish to purchase.

5. Do they offer service contracts?

Service contracts can make it easy and affordable to have annual maintenance, as well as any needed repairs, done.

6. Ask for references.

Reputable businesses will typically have a list of references. If a contractor won’t provide references, that could be a bad sign. But getting the list is not enough. Call them and ask for details about the installation to know if it is comparable to your job. Was the technician professional, easy to deal with and responsive to questions and concerns? Do they recommend this company?

7. Do they have online reviews?

Online reviews can also give you an indication of the company’s reputation. If complaints are mentioned, pay attention to how they were addressed and whether they were resolved satisfactorily.

8. Do they offer a home evaluation?

To properly size and select the HVAC system that will work best, a qualified technician will conduct a thorough evaluation of your home, including the square footage and layout, level of insulation, the quality and number of windows and the condition of your ductwork. This is a necessary step to ensure years of high performance from your new system.

9. Do they provide written and itemized estimates?

Be sure to get a detailed, written contract and have all your questions answered to your satisfaction before signing it.

10. Are tax credits and rebates available?

Tax credits and rebates can make a more expensive system fit into your budget. Be sure to ask what is available before choosing a particular brand or model.

Hiring the right HVAC installer can make the difference between a system that works efficiently and effectively over the course of its life, and one that is plagued with problems.

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