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How to Program Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy Savings

How to Program Your Thermostat for Maximum Energy SavingsEnergy bills sometimes only seem to go up. But your simple programmable thermostat could be all that you need to fix this problem. With the right settings, you can turn your thermostat into an energy-saving machine. Here’s how to do it.

Change your settings when your home is empty

First off, you don’t need to keep your home at the same temperature when people aren’t inside of it. Bringing the temperature up in the summer or down in the winter when no one is home is an excellent way to reduce your energy costs.

You can set up your programmable thermostat to automatically do this at times when you’re never home, such as during the day on work days.

Use the right temperatures during summer and winter

It’s also a good idea to pick temperatures during summer and winter that aren’t excessively hot or cold. For example, experts say that you should keep your home around 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. You can go warmer or cooler than this when you’re asleep as well.

Try not to make extreme temperature changes too quickly

You can also reduce your energy costs by not asking your HVAC system to work excessively hard in a short amount of time. That means keeping temperatures relatively consistent. And when you want to heat up or cool down your home by a lot, spread it out over 12-24 hours instead of trying to change the climate all at once.

Take advantage of the “hold” feature

Most programmable thermostats have something like a hold feature that allows you to pause your regularly-scheduled programming for as long as you want. This feature can be a huge asset in your efforts to save energy.

You can use the hold feature to pause your heating or cooling plan when you know that your home will be empty for several days. For example, this is a fantastic feature to use when you’re going on vacation.

Combine these tips with other energy-saving strategies

Optimizing how you use your programmable thermostat is just one thing you can do to maximize your energy savings. If you really want to save as much as possible on your energy bills, then you should also consider using the following strategies:

  • Keep doors and windows closed to reduce the escape of climatized air
  • Weatherproof your old doors and windows
  • Replace or clean your air filters every 30 to 60 days
  • Make sure that your home is sufficiently insulated

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