If you’re asking yourself the age-old “should I repair or replace my HVAC” questions, you may want to read this short article explaining why prices are about to skyrocket when it comes to HVAC replacement and installation.

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Should I Repair or Replace My HVAC System?

If you’re asking yourself the age-old “HVAC repair vs replacement” questions, you may want to read this short article explaining why prices are about to skyrocket when it comes to HVAC replacement and installation.

Big changes are coming to HVAC replacement costs in Colorado:

Congress is passing laws that affect both indoor and outdoor air quality, one of which directly impacts the cost of replacing your HVAC system. The Department of Energy (DOE) announced the energy efficiency standards for central air conditioners & heat pumps will be raised from SEER 13 (which is the current minimum) to SEER 14.

If you’re wondering what SEER stands for, it’s the acronym for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. Basically, if your air conditioner has a low SEER rating, it requires more energy usage (remember this, as it’s the entire reason behind this new regulation).

How it impacts the average cost for AC replacements in Colorado

All heat pumps and air conditioners manufactured in the US now require a minimum SEER of 14. These newer systems have higher energy efficiency, but come at a significantly higher cost to manufacture and install.

The regulation splits the country into regions, which have different requirements for how “older” units are handled. If you reside in the southern region (as shown on the map), you’re legally required to install the new higher efficiency HVAC systems effective immediately. Luckily, Colorado is in the North region, so HVAC companies in Colorado can continue to install SEER 13 units, just not manufacture them. Until inventory runs out, that is. 

So- as a Colorado homeowner- you can still buy SEER 13 unit, so long as your local HVAC company manages to find one. Since they are no longer manufactured, this will become increasingly harder to find. Prices will go up 15-20% once all SEER 13 units are sold out.

What SEER Rating Is My HVAC System?

Another great question! There are a few ways to figure out what SEER rating a heat pump or A/C system is. Try these methods:

  • Check the side of your AC condenser for a yellow sticker (located outside). This is by far the easier way to check your the energy efficiency of your HVAC system, but it’s not always available.
  • Check the indoor unit’s air handler for a sticker displaying the unit’s performance data alongside other stats, such as the cooling capacity (Btuh), heating capacity, and so on.
  • Check the model number (located on the data plate of the condenser) for the SEER rating encoded in the beginning. If you see a “XX21,” that indicates your system has a 21 SEER rating.
  • Check your building permit. If you can’t find it, you may be able to look it up online at the county or city building department’s website

Should I repair my HVAC system, or replace it before the regulations hit?

Great question! If you’re confident your HVAC system isn’t going to fail anytime soon (i.e., if it was recently installed, doesn’t require frequent repairs, runs efficiently and so on), we would suggest a repair. If that’s not the case- or you’ve been on the fence, but think it’s too expensive- you may want to save some money by choosing to install a SEER13 while you still can.

Once all HVAC distributors are sold out of SEER 13 units, prices will increase. When will you no longer be able to find a SEER 13 unit? We all have that same question, but here’s an inside scoop from Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling’s service manager: a few manufacturers are already sold out. So- one can only assume- this less expensive option will soon be completely unavailable.

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t pay much attention to your HVAC equipment until it stops working. With these changes, you may want to reconsider replacement (especially if your furnace or AC needs repairs, is aging, or is out of warranty). It all depends on if your needs; if you’re looking for a more expensive/ efficient unit, there’s no need to act now.

If you’re looking to keep the initial replacement cost down (while you still can), now would be a great time to do so before the price increases take effect.

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