Heating Repair Services in Denver, CO

For better control of your heat this winter, you are going to have to take advantage of the heating services from Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling. Our Denver HVAC contractors provide repairs, installations, and tune-ups for your convenience. We service all brands and types.

Your heater needs to be kept working at all times because without one it’s nothing more than a useless appliance in the home. There is nothing that we cannot do in order to make your home a lot more comfortable through another winter in Colorado.

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Heating Repairs

You expect your heater to work at all times during the fall & winter. When it stops working, and you don’t have any HVAC experience, call professionals for heating repairs. All of our repairs are completed by licensed heating experts. Repairs don’t just happen, they are made by professionals. Our pros have the experience to work on all types of heating units and will make your unit last longer than expected.

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Heating Installations

Whenever your heater is no longer efficient, allow HVAC licensed and Nate Certified professionals install a new furnace, heater or boiler. Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling ensures proper installation by a licensed company, which allows our suppliers to warranty most units for 10 years. Since 2012 we have been doing installations to make the home stay warmer. Stay a lot warmer this winter through our installation services.

Heating Tune-Up

If you keep your heater maintained, it’s going to give you more years as well as use 10-15% less energy. This will help reduce your energy bills and cut down on excessive usage. It’s been said that the lifestyle of a heater increases by 30% with regular tune-ups when done in your Denver area home.

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Furnace Repairs

If there is one thing that you need during a Colorado winter it’s a working furnace. If yours isn’t working when you go to turn it on, call Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling for furnace repairs. You’ll appreciate our repairs as they are done by licensed and insured professionals. Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling uses state of the art technology to run a combustion analysis to ensure your furnace is burning within range of manufactures safety specification.

Furnace Replacement

Whenever your furnace stops working for good, there is nowhere that you can turn for better news. You can’t go out and buy portable heaters as they will cost a lot to run and you’re going to have to watch that your pipes don’t burst in-between the replacement. We’ll come out for an emergency service and replace your entire unit.

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Heat Pump Repairs

One of the pros of owning a heat pump is the operation of it. A heat pump works by extracting heat from the outdoors and transferring it inside the home. This is done using a series of ducts. The ducts carry the heat into the home and deliver it throughout the home. You’ll appreciate your heat pump a lot more through our heating services.


Boilers for your Denver area home give you more and better heating capability by using conduction methods to heat your home’s air. Conduction is a fast way to transfer heat from one object to another, which makes it a great option for cold climates.

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