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Allergies? Here are 6 Ways to Reduce them this Spring

Allergies? Here are 6 Ways to Reduce them this SpringWith 300 plus days of sunshine, winters still can feel a bit long in Denver. It’s no wonder when spring comes, we want to open the windows and get outside more, so it’s frustrating when allergies foil our plans.

Your indoor air quality may be a bigger culprit in aggravating your allergies than the outdoor air! With a little attention and proper HVAC maintenance, however, you can greatly reduce the allergens in your home.

Here are six important tips to help you breathe easier:

1. Conduct a thorough spring cleaning.

Pay particular attention to areas you may have missed during routine cleaning. Dust the heat registers and return vents in each room (clean these first), as well as fixtures and ceiling fans. Vacuum upholstery and drapes. Use a damp or treated cloth when dusting to avoid kicking up dust particles and dust mites while you work.

2. Have your air ducts cleaned by a professional.

Dust, dirt, mold, and other contaminants can collect in your ductwork. Because your HVAC system is continuously recirculating air, those contaminants build up and can severely compromise your indoor air quality.

3. Change your furnace filter.

This simple step helps ensure that the air circulating in your home is clean. Regularly replacing filters also keeps your furnace functioning properly and reduces maintenance issues. Choose high-quality air filters for allergy reduction to ensure the best performance.

4. Make sure the area around your HVAC unit is clear.

The outside AC unit can get clogged with dust, dirt and debris. Keeping the area around it clear prevents those things from getting pulled into your home. Pruning trees and controlling weeds cuts down on the allergens that find their way inside. Sweep, dust and vacuum around the indoor unit to keep it free from dust and debris as well.

5. Have an air cleaner installed.

The experts at Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling can advise you on the benefits of air cleaners and help you choose the right model.

6. Schedule a spring HVAC maintenance appointment.

Not only will this help keep your indoor air clean, but regular maintenance also ensures that your unit will function properly when you switch from heating to cooling, and may prevent costly repairs.

Transitioning from fall to spring can be a challenging adjustment. Colorado Discount Heating & Cooling can help you smooth that transition with an optimally functioning HVAC system. Contact us today!

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