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The Pros & Cons of Whole House Humidifiers

The Pros & Cons of Whole House HumidifiersIf you experience dry skin, headaches, or sinus problems then should consider having a whole-house humidifier installed. This is because, more often than not, the reason for these symptoms has to do with your home’s humidity level. Having a home with poor indoor air quality can drastically affect your and your family’s health. In order to remedy this, you should invest in a humidifier, however, not just any humidifier will do. In order to best get rid of your air quality issues, you need to invest in a humidifier that works to hit every spot in your home.

What is a Whole House Humidifier?

You’ve probably seen or even owned a humidifier in the past. They purify the air and add moisture to the areas that need it, however, with that being said, a portable humidifier can only do so much. Because of their size and power, your average humidifier will end up missing a lot of your house meaning that you’ll still have problem spots that are affecting your indoor air quality. This problem is why the whole house humidifier exists. They are installed into your existing heating system and humidify the air via your ductwork.

A whole-house humidifier has many benefits but you should understand all the pros and cons of installing a whole-house humidifier.


  • One Unit
    Whole house humidifiers are attached to your home’s heating unit. This means that you’ll only have to pay attention to one humidifier throughout the whole house.
  • Out of Sight
    Unlike your average humidifier, whole-house humidifiers are hidden out of sight. No one is going to see or hear them working due to the fact that they work in the background of everything.
  • They Don’t Need Refills
    One of the biggest inconveniences that come with owning a humidifier is the constant refills you’re going to have to perform for it to continue working. Fortunately, this kind of humidifier is connected to your plumbing meaning that it’ll have a constant stream of new moisture coming out of it.
  • They Add Value to Your Home
    If you think you could be selling your home anytime in the near future then don’t let that stop you from getting one of these humidifiers installed. Like any good heating system, having one of these can actually increase your home’s value. It allows you to market your home as already having the means to take care of its indoor air quality.


  • Installation
    Like any heating or cooling system, a whole-house humidifier has to be installed. This means that you’ll have to set aside some time to allow a company into your home in order to get everything properly set up.
  • Cost
    Whole-house humidifiers are an investment. The price varies based on who you buy it from, who installs it, and how big your house is.
  • Maintenance
    Like any humidifier or heating unit, you’ll likely have to perform maintenance on your whole house humidifier. This can be tricky for a homeowner because it can be hard to reach and work on depending on how it’s installed. It’s usually best to have your HVAC technician do a tune-up on your humidifier at the same time they are tuning up your HVAC system.

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